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Capitalizing on the opportunities that data and analytics provide is a multi-year process and takes broad organizational support. We work with our clients to create a customized and sustainable system for implementing and managing advanced analytic capabilities within their company.

Five-Step Approach

01. Understand


Understand our client’s business strategy, culture and utilization of data and analytics. We believe that data and analytics enable our clients to achieve their business goals, and are not a separate and distinct competitive strategy.

Our executive leadership team learns our client’s unique business priorities and their culture. Through this part of the engagement, we create a robust multi-year plan for enhancing top and bottom line success with analytics. A critical component is establishing clear outcome-based objectives to determine progress and success. Our focus is on driving outcomes, not activity.

02. Build

MCA builds analytical solutions that fit our client’s business priorities. We don’t have just one hammer that is always looking for a nail!

Solutions can range from diagnostic analyses of performance to predictive models that capture variables not included in rating plans to enhanced straight through processing capabilities. Each solution is customized for our client’s business opportunities. We consistently monitor new and innovative analytical techniques to ensure our clients have access to the most advanced approaches.

03. Implement

Many analytical solutions that are built today are never actually successfully implemented. These siloed solutions have two common challenges – integration within existing technology capabilities and change management, both internally and externally.

Our Technology Lead works with our clients to ensure that practical options are created to implement within their technology stack. Our Product Managers lead the change management efforts with internal staff, inclusive of underwriters, as well as externally with agents, if desired. We firmly believe that the human aspect of any data and analytics solution is equally important to the technical components.

04. Monitor

No analytical solution, no matter how sophisticated, is perfect if left unmanaged. Once in market, our Product Manager will monitor the solution’s performance against established expectations.

Working with the client’s underwriting, actuarial, claims and technology teams, the Product Manager creates a 360-degree view of performance at a granular level. They assess the solution’s strengths and vulnerabilities, competitors in the marketplace, local geographical nuances, loss trends, etc. Based on this on-going analysis, the Product Manager provides our client with actionable insight, not just data.

05. Optimize

We partner with our clients to maximize long-term profit and growth within their risk tolerance. On an on-going basis, the Product Manager works with our clients to adjust the analytical solutions to optimize their business performance.

The market-tested solutions and expertise that we bring to our clients will drive improved financial performance. These enhanced results allow our clients many strategic options to deploy – provide rate relief for their policyholders, invest in new capabilities, strengthen their capital position, etc. As the marketplace and competitors consistently evolve, our on-going portfolio optimization efforts are critically important to our client’s continued success.

Analytics in property casualty insurance companies

90% have had positive impact from advanced analytics



The Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (PAMIC) is a trade association that has proudly represented the Mutual Insurance Industry since 1907.

Our membership comprises some of the most historic companies in the industry, along with new companies who are thriving under the same model.

For more than 120 years NAMIC has been serving in the best interests of mutual insurance companies – large and small – across the United States as well as in Canada. NAMIC membership includes more than 1,400 member companies. The association supports regional and local mutual insurance companies on main streets across America along with many of the country’s largest national insurers. NAMIC member companies write $268 billion in annual premiums and together account for 59 percent of homeowners, 46 percent of automobile, and 29 percent of the business insurance markets.

The Wisconsin Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (WAMIC) is a trade association representing 60 mutual insurers who are based and write in Wisconsin. Most WAMIC member mutual insurance companies were founded in the late 19th century. At that time, large insurance companies would not offer insurance in rural areas, and much of Wisconsin was very rural then. Citizens of smaller communities throughout the state organized their own insurance companies for their mutual protection.


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