Zach Houldcroft

Product Manager

Zach joined MCA in April of 2022 where he works with clients to understand their current book of business, and how to use data and analytics to drive profitable growth going forward. This analysis can include a deep dive of the client’s current product, competitive position, and portfolio management practices. From there Zach can provide recommendations on segmented pricing changes, introduction of new rating variables, changes in class plans, and how to manage/report on the client’s book of business going forward.

Zach has strong understanding of the core principles of product management and what it takes to have a competitive and profitable product in the marketplace. Across all major lines of business, Zach has a strong foundation of knowledge in the construction of class plans, and the wide range of variables that go into them. He also understands how the market requires class plans to evolve over time, and helps clients modernize their offerings.

Prior to joining the MCA team, Zach spent the first three years of his career at Travelers in Small Commercial Product Management where he lead different regional teams on multiple state assignments across all major lines of business. Zach was involved in pricing changes, new product implementation, and post monitoring/reporting on the book of business.

Outside of work, Zach is involved in fitness/weight training. He subscribes to the MASS research review which aggregates the 1000+ new studies that come out monthly in the field of nutrition and exercise science. Zach maintains close ties with his college professors, and has guest lectured at the University of Connecticut and Illinois State University in Risk Management & Insurance classes

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