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Mutual Capital Analytics was formed in November 2019 to work exclusively with the mutual industry to provide expertise in the utilization of data and analytics to drive improved performance. MCA is an independent company that partners with clients to help improve both top line and bottom line success with improvements in their product and underwriting offerings.

The company originally started as a short-term consulting opportunity with Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Group to help build out their own internal data and analytics capabilities. After discussing with others in the mutual industry, it was apparent that many of them were challenged with the same issue – understood the critical nature of enhancing their capabilities, but didn’t have the size, scale or in-house expertise to effectively compete. With the encouragement of these other mutuals, the MCA company was created with the mission of helping all mutuals transform their businesses through the use of data and analytics.

The company was founded in Hartford, Connecticut to capitalize on the talent and innovation that is happening in the resurgent “Insurance Capital of the World”. With the presence of large, multi-national companies in the area paired with insurtechs and other insurance innovators, the vibrant community is rich with the people and technology to build capabilities that MCA will bring to the mutual industry.

How We Work

Our Culture


We do what we say we are going to do and deliver without excuses. Our success is built on our client’s ability to realize both improved top and bottom line performance.


As a business partner, we are only as good as our word. We are fiercely competitive, but look to win in the right way that serves our clients for the long term.


We are very proud of what we have accomplished as individuals and a team, but constantly push ourselves to continuously improve.


Success is never in a straight line. We consistently challenge ourselves to deeply understand what works well and where we can improve.

Lifelong learners

The world of data and analytics is rapidly changing. We love to learn so we can bring the most current and innovative solutions to our clients.

“How well insurers resolve the “synthesis challenge” – interjecting technology, talent and business models into change-resistant legacy environments – may be the biggest success factor for the industry in the next decade.”

Deloitte 2020 Insurance Outlook



The Pennsylvania Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (PAMIC) is a trade association that has proudly represented the Mutual Insurance Industry since 1907.

Our membership comprises some of the most historic companies in the industry, along with new companies who are thriving under the same model.

For more than 120 years NAMIC has been serving in the best interests of mutual insurance companies – large and small – across the United States as well as in Canada. NAMIC membership includes more than 1,400 member companies. The association supports regional and local mutual insurance companies on main streets across America along with many of the country’s largest national insurers. NAMIC member companies write $268 billion in annual premiums and together account for 59 percent of homeowners, 46 percent of automobile, and 29 percent of the business insurance markets.

The Wisconsin Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (WAMIC) is a trade association representing 60 mutual insurers who are based and write in Wisconsin. Most WAMIC member mutual insurance companies were founded in the late 19th century. At that time, large insurance companies would not offer insurance in rural areas, and much of Wisconsin was very rural then. Citizens of smaller communities throughout the state organized their own insurance companies for their mutual protection.


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Proven expertise to drive improved performance

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