Our Approach

Analyze. Build. Launch. Monitor. Refine.

MCA Partners for Performance

What does it take to succeed in today’s intensely competitive marketplace? A partnership dedicated to performance.
Watch and learn how leaders of Mutual Insurance Companies partner with MCA to solve some of the toughest challenges faced by the industry, from setting rate change algorithms to new product development and the system-wide roll out of a new software platform.

A Process Built on Partnership

Our emphasis on partnership means we take the time to understand your unique company culture and the business challenges you face. Together we design, implement, and manage customized solutions purpose-built for your organization.

We provide the insights, the analytics, the experience, the industry perspective, and a dedicated team of experts who work shoulder to shoulder with stakeholders to deliver practical solutions that will improve the performance of mutual insurance companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage portfolios of risk by leveraging all aspects of the insurance value chain—distribution, underwriting, and product—to help our clients generate an actual return on investment in analytics. The diversity of our team allows us to bring creative solutions across both Personal and Commercial lines, including property and casualty, workers compensation, as well as personal auto & homeowners products.

Step 1. Build Foundational Capabilities

We dig deep into your data, determine where you need to invest, and provide the business acumen required to develop new products, expand into new geographies, or take on new distribution. We start by understanding where you are now and where your business needs to be in order to achieve long-term success. To bridge that gap, we examine the marketplace around you. We consider the technology challenges your organization faces, as well as the expertise your in-house team will need going forward. We begin with an expert analysis of customer data, supplemented by third-party data sources, and an understanding of the competitive marketplace.

Step 2. Implement Our Action Plan

We put together a game plan that includes our client’s guiding principles and success metrics. Based on our shared vision we model scenarios within our customer’s unique business context. Based on what we discover, we identify high value actions, along with expected outcomes. We develop a step-by-step playbook required to successfully transform a business.

Step 3. Optimize Solutions to Drive Success

We bring the solution to the market, then continuously monitor, learn from the results and adjust on an ongoing basis to further improve the product performance. Result: Improved profitability. Optimized growth opportunities. Innovations that ensure your business remains competitive. Solutions that fit within your culture.

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