Tom and Mike recap our Personal Lines video series and discuss why all of the topics covered are critical to consider for the long-term management of your portfolio.

Hi, everyone. Mike and Tom here. Tom, we’ve covered a lot of personal insurance discussions in the last couple of weeks. We’ve discussed rate segmentation, non-rate post monitoring and planning.

We feel all these pieces are such a critical role to managing your organization, managing your portfolio. The idea of data and analytics plays such a huge part in managing your business.

Tom, as you think about long-term managing the portfolio, the use of data analytics, how do you think about, you know, utilizing that in your organization? I’ll underscore you said Mike. I think data and analytics is so critical and I think this is just part of the conversation. You know, our team is incredibly passionate because we’ve been in the industry.

We’ve seen the challenges, but also the reward of being able to serve the community, to serve your members, and to be able to see meaningful results and underlying every conversation we’ve had. I think to me, it always comes back to data and continuing to evolve, continuing to provide meaningful insight. And as an industry, you continue to see the value that this industry brings to the community it serves.

That’s probably the most exciting part. The conversation for us is just beginning. We hope to continue these discussions with the folks that have been very active in the community and broadly. We ask that you continue to share your insights, your feedback, and let’s have a dialog. What I’ve been most encouraged is seeing that dialog continue.

It’s a challenging industry, it’s a challenging environment, but on the other side of it is a stronger, resilient industry and resilient providers. That’s why we’re so passionate, not just about the conversation but about where this industry is headed. So, we appreciate all the communication, all the conversation and certainly the discussion that’s still to come.

I appreciate that and looking forward to continuing great dialog with you all.