John Koleski

Product Manager

John joined MCA in April 2024 as a Product Manager, where he employs data and analytics insights to drive the results of product initiatives relating to outcomes of profitability and growth. In collaboration with our clients, he will assess product and operational functions in order to implement sound data-driven decisions that inform and impact product strategy. This may take the form of product pricing changes, data-driven portfolio management, underwriting recommendations, straight-through processing, or any number of other analyses and projects.  John brings a wealth of insurance experience to his role at MCA, including a background in product, operations, compliance, and even having been a sales agent himself.

Prior to joining MCA, John worked at Branch Insurance where he collaborated with numerous cross-functional groups to drive profitable growth initiatives for the personal lines home and auto offerings. In his time at Branch, he built advanced analytics capabilities, managed P&Ls for both lines in multiple states, introduced new rating variables, and much more. He was responsible for collaborating with and guiding the marketing and sales teams in numerous key agency management initiatives which had significant impact on driving product strategy and unity across the organization.

Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with family and friends, spending time in nature, traveling, and reading books. Living in Columbus, Ohio, John loves to explore both the city and what it has to offer as well as the numerous different parks and trails around the area.

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